About us

About us 

Sleutelwoord | Mot-clé (“Keyword” in English) is a translation agency located in Louvain (B) that provides translation, writing and editing services for companies, institutions, private individuals and authorities.


  • Relieve you from necessary but time- and resource-consuming tasks and boost your business!
    To achieve this goal, we will use all our skills: our knowhow, our never-ending curiosity and a large amount of understanding and empathy.

Personal and authentic relationship

  • We want to know you and your company personally. What is important for you? What is your philosophy? What are your ambitions? This knowledge enables us to meet and anticipate your needs.


  • We create a unique, constantly updated glossary for each individual client. This procedure enables us to deliver consistent translations.

Best price-quality relationship

  • We offer value for money! You will get the service, the personal communication and the funny wink for free!
  • Besides, you will receive a 10% introduction discount when placing your first order! Make use of it now! 
  • Our prices are based on the type of text, the difficulty level, the file format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf...). For this reason, we apply different kind of tariffs: per word (= the most frequently used), per page, per hour, per project.
  • Our price setting is market conform. If your only selection criterion is “the cheapest price”, you should be asking yourself: “What do I want? A translation at the lowest price, without any follow-up, or a translation provided by an agency that considers quality and customer trust as a top priority?"

Strict observance of your deadlines

  • On-time delivery is guaranteed! Because we know how stressful it can be if you have deadlines to meet…
Gert Gybels

Gert Gybels

Gert is the driving force behind Sleutelwoord | Mot-clé. As founder and big boss, he sets out the strategic lines, sets up the marketing activities, monitors the budgets, keeps finances on track and makes sure that all the advanced IT and communication tools are up and running.
Helga Visssenaekens

Helga Vissenaekens

Helga is co-founder of Sleutelwoord | Mot-clé. She is in charge of the entire production process: she translates, writes, edits and carries out the final proofreading. Her working languages are Dutch, French, English and Spanish. In addition, she acts as contact person for all the freelancers and coordinates the missions executed in cooperation with our colleagues/partners.

Get rid of linguistic stress and boost your business!